Careers for A History Graduate

Did you know that having a degree in history is quite advantageous and can help prepare you for more than one career path? Surprised? Don’t be. In fact, studies have shown that only a small percentage of history majors end up as professional historians.

Here are some of the careers you can choose with a degree in history:


With emphasis on your evaluation and analytical skills, a career in the field of research is perfect. You can choose to be a public historian, a policy adviser, or a museum curator. You also have the option on furthering your studies to become a professional specialist for historic preservation and cultural management.


Historians always love to communicate and share their ideas and knowledge with the rest of the world, which is why a career in education is very feasible. Take note that this doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to educational institutions. For instance, you can be an education officer for historical sites or be a consultant for documentary filmmakers.


As a history student, you were trained to hone your analytical and writing skills. These are valuable skills for the field of journalism where you should be able to tell a compelling story while correctly interpreting a set of facts.

A number of history graduates become journalists for print and broadcast medium while some become editors for visual and written documentation.

Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations

Your strong communication and analytical skills honed during your college days makes a perfect preparation for this career path.

Your historical knowledge can help you to communicate effectively with your target audience and identify the concern that otherwise would have been overlooked.

Law Advocates

Lawyers always make their arguments based on factual historical data that requires a great amount of research. Your history degree is the perfect training ground for law school since you basically do the same thing.


If you think only business degree holders are successful in the business world, then you are incorrect in doing so. As a historian, you are skilled to track trends in history, which is quite importantin the business world particularly if you are tasked with the planning aspects.

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