Four Useful Alternative Tools for Animal Dissection

The advances in the fields of science and computer technology have allowed the possibility of implementing changes in modern-day classroom teaching methods including the use of alternatives to animal dissection.

Here are my top choices:


An onlinesubscription service that presents a virtual dissection of the frog, starfish, squid, cow eye, owl pellet, and fetal pig. Froguts also has a learning module for Mendelian genetics using virtual pea and fruit flies as samples.

Subscription to the Froguts service is available for schools and homes. They also provide school subscriptions at a discounted rate if you choose to subscribe for more than a year.

Digital Frog 2.5

A downloadable virtual dissection software program that presents a very comprehensive anatomy and physiology of frogs complemented with a fully interactive frog dissection. The software presents more than 70 screens with full anatomical details and includes comparative human anatomy information.

A set of interactive worksheets to complement the lessons are also available to make the program more enticing for the digital learner.

eMind Tutorial and Simulation Series

An online subscription series that contains virtual dissections for the frog, fish (lamprey, yellow perch, and dogfish), cat, and invertebrates (starfish earthworm, squid, and crayfish).

They also provide interactive tutorials for Mendelian genetics using fruit files and a microscope simulation for cell types from representatives of the 5 kingdoms of Biology.

The Ethical Science Education Campaign Loan Library

They have more than 300 virtual dissection and other teaching alternatives that cover K-12 and college levels. The library provides manuals, charts, advanced software, and even intubation models.

Similar to a standard library, there is no charge for borrowed items that are returned in its original condition before or on the due date.

How about you? What other alternative dissection teaching tools have you come across?